Graduate Education

Department of Biology was established in 1982. There are 7 departments, these are; Botany, General Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biotechnology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, and Zoology. Faculty members of the department also provide postgraduate education under the roof of Gazi University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Our department has 21 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 12 Research Assistants and 4 Lecturers.


The aim of graduate education in the Department of Biology is to provide the student with the ability to access information on the subject the student will study by doing scientific research, to conduct independent research and investigation with the ability to evaluate and interpret information, to develop comments by examining events and facts with a scientific perspective, and to gain the ability to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses.

The Department of Biology examines the entire structure of living things and provides training at international standards by following the rapid changes recorded in this field.

It aims to train experts at postgraduate level in the fields of Botany, Zoology, General Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology with its faculty staff with a wide range of expertise.

The Department's Course Catalog (ECTS) -To see the graduate courses

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