Instructional Objectives and Achievements

  1. 1. Students can examine living things structurally and functionally using scientific methods, able to conduct research and development and analyze the data obtained with the information obtained train as biologists

  2. Using basic laboratory techniques and devices in the field of biology, and also raising individuals who can also follow current developments

  3. Students have professional and social ethics awareness, adhere to ethical principles and environmental awareness, raising awareness of health and safety

  4. A broad-based curriculum for students to build successful scientific careers to increase their level of knowledge in theoretical and application areas by providing them and establishing hypothesis, to develop observation and analysis skills

  5. Make sure that students use up-to-date computer and software tools that can communicate effectively. teamwork and interdisciplinary work, who can make written and oral presentations to be raised as individuals who can.

  6. Students comprehend the interactions of living things with each other and their environment, who can apply the knowledge both in the field of biology and for the solution of problems in different fields, raising as individuals

  7. To raise students as an individuals, who has an ability to understand and evaulate environmental and social issues.


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