Aims and Goals

To train entrepreneurial biologists who are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of life sciences in line with the needs of the society, who are bound to ethical values, who have the knowledge and skills to carry out current research and practices.

  • Providing various elective course opportunities that department students will need in business life (in addition to basic courses) and increasing their application skills in a wide range of fields.

  • Establishing a staff that can follow and adapt to technological changes in education and scientific studies

  • Keeping current training laboratories up to date

  • Development and enhancement of existing research laboratories

  • Increasing the number of research assistants

  • Increasing the number of interdisciplinary studies

  • Development of computer infrastructure for theoretical and simulation based researches

  • Increasing the number and quality of the department's graduate and doctoral studies

  • Increasing the number of international publications per faculty member

  • Developing industrial research and increasing the number of projects

  • Increasing the number of TUBITAK, ministry of development and other projects


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