The Department of Biology was established in 1982. The aim of the department is to train students to be able to conduct research and development studies in Biology and Biology related fields. Our department provides 4-year undergraduate education. In Gazi University, Department of Biology; There are 7 departments, these are; General Biology, Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ecology, Developmental Biology and Biotechnology. There are 21 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 14 Research Assistants and 5 Lecturers in our department.

The Department of Biology has an important teaching and research potential with this staff. There are many scientific studies published by our faculty members in national and international journals. Also, there are many scientific books published by our faculty members at national and international congresses. Some of our scientific research is supported by DPT, TUBİTAK and Gazi University.

The undergraduate education period is 4 years, with the language of instruction being Turkish. An average of 65 undergraduate students are admitted each year. In order for our students to graduate, they are required to take a total of 240 ECTS courses. Practical studies related to the lessons are carried out in two equipped laboratories in a way that each student has a microscope.

It is aimed to contribute to the interdisciplinary application visions of the students by determining the elective courses from a wide range from Molecular Genetics-Biotechnology, Environment-Ecology sciences by redesigning in accordance with the desired qualifications for the market.

In addition, there is a Herbarium (GAZI) and Zoology Museum, which has a very large collection in our department. Undergraduate graduates of our department receive a diploma with the title of "Biologist". They can mostly work as a biologist in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the relevant institutions and organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, as well as in institutions that provide Environmental Consultancy services.


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