Biology department was founded in 1982. The main purpose of the department is to educate students who are at the level to do research and make development in the fields of Biology and Biology related areas. Our department offers a four- year undergraduate study.

There are seven departmental divisions in the department : General Biology, Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology and Ecological Genetics, Developmental Biology and Biotechnology.

The department of Biology is comprised of 25 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professors, 16 Research Assistants and 5 Specialists. Our academic members have a lot of scientific articles published both in national and international journals. Furthermore, there are many papers that have been submitted to national and international conferences by our academic members and they also have many published scientific books. Some of our scientific studies are supported by DPT, TUBITAK and Gazi University Institute of Science. MA and PHD programs are conducted by Gazi University Institute of Science with the cooperation of Biology Department.

In the Biology Department, there are 5 research laboratories which are Microtechnic lab, Microbiology lab, Genetics Lab, Molecular Biology lab and Biotechnology lab. There is also a Herbaryum (GAZI) and Zooloji museum which has a very large collection in our department. Advanced studies are conducted in our laboratories on electron microscopic, biological control, pharmaceutical toxicology, insect eggs, characterization of pathogenic microorganisms and their karyotype analysis, polymorphism, bioremediation, phytoremediation, lactobacilli, floristic and founistic vegetation, ecology and systematic issues.

Our research laboratories are equipped with  devices such as electron microscope (click on the link for the application form, the usage fee and device features), UV absorbents, spectrophotometer, electrophoresis, PCR, gel imaging system ,incubator shaker, inverted, polarized, phase contrast microscopes, research microscopes and microtome.

Our graduates get their Bachelor’s degree diploma with the title ‘Biologist’. Besides becoming a Biology teacher (students with a pedagogical formation diploma), they could work as biologists at the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Forest and Water Management, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning or public health laboratories and other laboratories, in hospitals and they could also work at institutions that provide environmental management counseling services.